Why is my wool carpet shedding?

Michael Mckenzie
November 3, 2023
5 mins read
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Why is my wool carpet shedding?

Why is my wool carpet shedding so much?

Shedding is a common issue with new wool carpets, and it occurs due to the nature of the wool fibres. Wool is a natural material that has small, loose fibres that can work their way to the surface of the carpet, causing shedding. Here are some reasons why your new wool carpet might be shedding:

  1. Initial Shedding: When a wool carpet is first installed, it often sheds loose fibres. This is because during the manufacturing process, some fibres that were not securely bound may come loose. This shedding is usually temporary and should decrease over time.
  2. Natural Wool Fibre Characteristics: Wool fibres have small scales on their surface, which can lead to friction between the fibres. Over time, as you walk on the carpet, these scales can cause the fibres to release and shed.
  3. Vacuuming: Frequent vacuuming of a new wool carpet can also contribute to shedding. The vacuum's suction can pull out loose fibres, especially during the early stages of the carpet's life.
  4. Quality of the Carpet: The shedding may also depend on the quality of the wool carpet. Higher quality carpets tend to shed less because they have better fibre retention due to improved manufacturing techniques.
  5. Wool is a staple fibre: This means that any long yarn of wool is made up of many short fibres. When this is made into a tuft of carpet, each tuft may contain only a short cut of a fibre, that isn't fully secured within each tuft when woven into the carpet backing. Subsequent vacuuming will pull this short cuts of fibre from the carpet.

To manage and reduce shedding in your new wool carpet, you can consider the following:

  • Regular Vacuuming: Vacuum the carpet regularly with a vacuum cleaner that has a beater bar or brush specifically designed for use on wool carpets. This will help remove loose fibres and prevent them from accumulating on the surface.
  • Use a Carpet Rake: A carpet rake or brush can help loosen and remove excess fibres. Gently rake the carpet in the direction of the pile to minimize shedding.
  • Be Patient: Shedding is typically most significant during the first few months of a carpet's life. With time, shedding should naturally decrease as the loose fibres work their way out.
  • Professional Cleaning: Periodic professional cleaning can help maintain the carpet's appearance and manage shedding.

If shedding continues to be a significant issue or worsens over time, it's a good idea to consult the manufacturer or the retailer where you purchased the carpet for further guidance. Additionally, ensure that you follow any care and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer to preserve the life and appearance of your wool carpet.

Don't panic. Shedding when vacuuming a new wool carpet is very common, and will reduce each time the carpet is vacuumed.

Michael Mckenzie
Owner, Paramount Cleaning Company
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