A little bit about Paramount Cleaning Company...



We use a van mounted, (truck mount) Hydramaster Boxxer 423s. This is an immensely powerful machine that outperforms and out cleans any portable machine that all bar a few local cleaners use. We carry our own softened water and take away the dirty water. This is the perfect system if you are on a water meter.



My prices are FIXED. I charge per metre2 as opposed to 'per room' to ensure pricing is fair to everyone. Upholstery is charged per 'seating area'.

What To Look Out For


You might see companies offering '50% OFF' or '3 rooms for £x'. Some offer fantastically low prices that seem too good to be true. Whilst in some cases these may be genuine, often times when you look back, their 'offer' has always been running. which means their 'great price' is actually just their price.

You may have heard of Bait & Switch. This is where they offer a low price to 'bait you', get you on the 'hook', then when they are in your home, tell you will need a more thorough service costing you MORE.

Another favorite is 'Standard clean' vs 'Deep clean'. Standard is the cheaper option and a 'Deep clean' being more expensive as it cleans 30% better! WAIT A MINUTE! Are they only doing half a job for a base price and charging you MORE to do it properly?

Rest assured, you will get only a top-quality service, first time, every time at a fixed price. Our offers are all genuine!

Customer Reviews

"Michael was fabulous. Clean tidy and he did a fantastic job on our suite. He made it look like new. He also cleaned my living room carpet and did a wonderful job. I would always use him for any type of carpet or upholstery cleaning and have recommended him to friends."


"Excellent - Michael was prompt and very thorough with the cleaning. He was very polite and cleaned up exceptionally afterwards. We were so pleased with his work, that we have commissioned him for some more later in the month."


"Michael is without doubt the most professional carpet cleaner I have used. I called Paramount after reading through reviews of various companies and decided to use him. From the way he answered the phone to delivering a top quality service, I was completely satisfied. I have never seen the likes of the equipment he used and its clear he has invested heavily into his business. Very happy indeed."


"Michael's work was first class. He is knowledgeable and happy to explain the work he's carried out and what to look out for. The feedback on Michael's page is testament to him and the quality of his work and I have no hesitation in recommending him. Thank you Michael."


"Michael is punctual, professional and does a fantastic job my sofa and stairs are like brand new. He does such a good job this is the second time I’ve used him, he did a fantastic job on my cream carpets. I literally recommend him to everyone!"


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