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Now you have booked with us, please take a moment to read through the following. It will help you prepare for your clean and might answer a few questions you may have.

General Information

Given appointment times represent a 1hr arrival window. Eg. a 0930 appointment time is 0930-1030 arrival window. We will do our best to be on time. But please understand that we will not leave our previous job until we are satisfied we have done the best possible job we can. There may be traffic on route to you, or unexpected delays. So bear this in mind if we are a few minutes over. We will however call ahead in most cases if we think we will be a little late.

Ideal for protection from both water and oil based stains, also retards the re-soiling and wear rate. Works by protecting each and every fibre with an invisible shield making them virtually 100% stain resistant. Suitable for protecting most types of wet cleanable carpets and soft furnishings. Prolonging the life of your carpet & sofas and extending the time between cleans saving you £££ in the long run for a small initial investment.

As part of our premium service, movement of sofas and small furniture is included to ensure we can clean as much of your carpet as possible. Unfortunately we cannot move large sideboards, cupboards & TV units. We do ask that the room is empty of small items such as nests of tables, lamps & toys etc. This is to ensure the clean is carried out in a timely and efficient manner.

Filtration soiling occurs as a result of air being forced into the room or space at a higher rate than it can escape from the same area. The air then seeks alternative escape routes, which usually ends up being the gap between the carpet and the wall trim and under closed doors. As the air is forced through these gaps, it passes through the carpet, which acts as a filter to the air. Any pollutants in the air are trapped by the carpet and turn the carpet grey or black in that area. Common pollutants that can contribute to the problem include smoke from cigarettes and candles, cooking oils, fireplace ash, and dust. This soiling does not occur as a result of insufficient vacuuming or improper vacuuming techniques (although consistently failing to vacuum the very edge of the room can help to amplify the problem). It is a problem that can occur in the cleanest of homes and is not considered a reflection of housekeeping abilities. The soiling is generally from vehicle fumes, especially diesel. So it is greasy and clings to the fibres. It often leaves a permanent greyness to the carpet, wool being the hardest to get great results. So it can be treated but if not corrected, they will reappear.

In short, no. This is wear and damage to the pile of the carpet. A clean can improve the look but we cannot reverse wear or damage, and cannot remove furniture dents.

We treat spots as part of every clean. However, stains may incur additional charges due to the extra time and chemicals used. A spot could be muddy foot prints, watermarks etc. A stain is where soiling has changed the colour of the fibre, such as coffee, urine, paint etc. Whilst we endeavour to treat all of your soft furnishings to the best of our ability, we cannot guarantee 100% stain removal. We have completed an advanced spot and stain course with the National Carpet Cleaners Association and Modular Training Solutions and use these skills to achieve the best results possible.

We understand that sometimes things come up. We ask that you give as much notice as possible. We are an independant family business and last minute cancellations are unlikely to be filled by other customers at short notice. If you cancel within 48 hours, we may ask for a deposit to rebook. If you fail to answer on the day or cancel on the day, we will likely not rebook a future appointment.

Nothing! We have a powerful, state of the art van mounted machine. This means we carry our own water and take the dirty water away. As such, we do need to park on the drive or next to the property. We are unable to accommodate high rise flats or properties where we cannot park close by. If this is the case, or if you are unsure, please get in touch.

Customer Reviews

"Michael was fabulous. Clean tidy and he did a fantastic job cleaning our upholstery. He made our sofas look like new. He also cleaned my living room carpet and did a wonderful job. I would always use him for any type of carpet or upholstery cleaning and have recommended him to friends."


"Excellent - Michael was prompt and very thorough with the carpet cleaning. He was very polite and cleaned up exceptionally afterward. We were so pleased with his work, that we have commissioned him for upholstery cleaning later in the month."


"Michael is without doubt the most professional carpet cleaner I have used. I called Paramount after reading through reviews of various companies and decided to use him. From the way he answered the phone to delivering a top-quality carpet and upholstery cleaning service. I have never seen the likes of the equipment he used and it's clear he has invested heavily in his business. Very happy indeed."


"Michael's work is first class. He is knowledgeable and happy to explain the work he's carried out and what to look out for. The feedback on Michael's page is a testament to him and the quality of his work and I have no hesitation in recommending him for your carpet and sofa cleaning needs. Thank you, Michael."


"Michael is punctual, professional and does a fantastic job my sofa and stairs are like brand new. He does such a good job this is the second time I’ve used him, he did a fantastic job cleaning my cream carpets. I literally recommend him to everyone!"


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